``Always Customer Satisfaction``

Yıldız trailer is becoming an industry leading company that increases its market share and competitive power every day by offering products that will ensure the customer satisfaction without exception.

For the realization of this objective, we aim to perform all processes of our company are at high quality level, produce our products in accordance with the economic and technical requirements of the market; provide the necessary training opportunities for the professional capability of our employees, use of all these opportunities in line with customer satisfaction and to keep our quality always at the highest level.

Yıldız Trailer Mission:

To be a company that aims to provide efficient, high quality and profitable service and to produce customer oriented solutions in line with expectations and to use technology well with innovative manpower.

Yıldız Trailer Vision:

With our customer satisfaction and quality understanding, to produce reliable solutions exceeding expectations and to carry our leading brand further.

Our objective:

To increase our market share and competitive strength by offering products that will ensure the satisfaction of our customers and to make the company the leader of the industry.

Message From The President

Dear Friends

We continue to manufacture trailer and truck haulage that I started with great courage 38 years ago as Yıldız Trailer in 1975 when there was no even trailer production in our country. It hasn’t been easy all these years and we have covered a long way with ups and downs. The world has changed, in the meantime. The technologies have changed. I tried to comply with new technologies, and we came to this day on the journey we hoped to continue for many years. We are proud of being the first trailer company in Turkey. In 1982, we produced a refrigerated trailer for the first time with the technology we received from a European company, then we served for years the refrigerated transport of Turkey for products such as meat, milk, ice cream, chicken, fish, etc. and we continue to serve with our increasing sales every year.

I wish working so many years in this way with regular and hardworking, being true and honest, standing behind the goods we produce and attaching high importance to the quality…

Yours Sincerely