Tank Trailer

Chassis It is produced from high-strength steel in an automatic submerged arc welding machine in the shape of an “I” profile in accordance with ISO standards. Two (2) chassis side members are connected to each other via crosses. Yıldız Trailer designs and manufactures vehicle chassis with the strength to enable them to travel with full load in our country and similar road conditions.
Axle Three (3) SAF or BPW brand imported axles with automatic brake ratchet and DISC brakes, each with a carrying capacity of 9 tons.
Tires 6 + 1 tubeless tires measuring 385/65R22.5.
Air Suspension SAF or BPW air suspension system supported by springs and 36-gauge bellows that provide the necessary resistance.
Mechanical Foot Imported 24 tons capacity, double speed mechanical foot.
Brake Two-line air brake system with automatic load adjustment valve and circuit filter.
EBS Imported ABS or EBS system in accordance with European Union standards.
Air Equipment The air required for the air suspension, front axle lifting and brake circuits is provided by three (3) air tanks. Polyamide brake pipes and fittings are used.
King-pin 2 inch flanged type
Chassis Paint The chassis passes through a complete sandblasting tunnel and the surfaces are cleaned with the sandblasting method and prepared for painting. After the trailer is primed with epoxy primer in the paint booth, the final coat of acrylic paint in the desired color is applied and baked.
Electric 24 V lighting, parking, brake, signal, side clearance lamp and reflector system in accordance with European Union standards.
  • Trailers produced by Yıldız Trailer are under the manufacturer’s warranty for two (2) periods against any manufacturing defects.
Standard Accesories
  • Two supply cabinets
  • Lifting bumper and license plate holder
  • Double spare wheel place
  • Bicycle railing
  • Fender
  • Emergency bellows
  • Fire extinguisher and location