Refrigerated Body

Panel Thicknesses Truck Group Light Truck Group
SIDES 65 mm 65 mm
ROOF 90 mm 65 mm
FLOOR 120 mm 80 mm
DOORS 85 mm 65 mm
FRONT WALL 90 mm 65 mm

The interior and exterior surfaces are produced from a white material called GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester), which does not require subsequent painting, does not become matte or yellowing, and is resistant to external influences and chemicals. Insulation is provided by polyurethane with a density of 42kg/m3 between the two FRPs.

The base, bottom GRP, specially shaped hornbeam supports and polyurethane, are monolithic printing with water contrast. The final layer is covered with special anti-slip sand resin. Aluminum base is optional.

The specially shaped chassis consists of welded construction reinforced with intermediate crosses. Bumper, mudguard, tool chest etc. detachable links are attached to the chassis.

Back frame 304 quality stainless steel, front frame special GRP material

Door panels are used with stainless hinges, stainless pipes and special stainless connection equipment.

Aluminum rails are used on the ceiling, 1 row of aluminum rails on each side, and single, double and side aluminum cast hooks are used. Monorail meat system, monorail meat transport system on the ceiling and specially shaped stainless hooks are used.

Certified side parking, front and rear clearance lamps and ceiling lamps, strip reflectors and reflector set, suitable for vehicle voltage


– Mudguard and Dust Cover
– Side Protection Set
– Team Chest
– Back Staircase
– TSE Approved Body Project


– Imported Aluminum Base
– Side Door
– Front-Rear Ventilation Cover
– Rear 4 Arm Lock System
– Intermediate Partition
– Stainless Water Trough