The Importance of Cold Storage in the Supply Chain

With the modern age and technological developments, it has become possible to provide every product whenever it is needed. It is now possible to keep seasonal fruits and vegetables as fresh as the first day, and to transport products that are likely to spoil if not kept in a cold environment from one place to another. Thanks to cold storages, the lifespan of products that are in demand in the market but are likely to spoil quickly can be extended and transported safely.

Possibility of Adjustment According to Product Type

Cold storages are designed to offer special solutions for each product group. This means that when transporting with a cold storage, it can be used for different functions by changing the temperature and humidity. Airtight cold storages also prevent products from being damaged by air coming from outside.

Keeping Food Quality at the Highest Level

The food quality and nutritional values ​​of the product stored and transported in cold storage can be preserved at the highest level. Especially meat, fish etc. It is very important that frozen foods do not come into contact with the outside air and are transported under appropriate conditions. At this point, cold storages offer very functional solutions. Products can even reach a different country while preserving the freshness and nutritional value of the first day.

Increasing the Production Capacity of Factories

In a system where transportation via cold storage was not possible, it would not be possible for factories serving in many areas to reach a global point and serve different cities or countries. Because the products produced would deteriorate, only the immediate environment could be served. This would lead to many restrictive consequences such as factories remaining local, limited production at low capacity, and low employment. The establishment of an advanced cold storage transportation system in this field can be considered as a very important and historical development for many companies and factories.

Fighting Hunger and Poverty

Thanks to cold storage, many products can be transported and stored so that they can be used even years after they are produced. It is known that the threat of hunger, which is one of the most important problems of humanity today, can be beneficial in preserving food well and delivering food to regions where there is not enough production and food.
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